Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting Pulled Over...

So I was driving my son to school and saw a state trooper behind me so I slowed down on the highway even though I wasn't speeding. The officer started flashing her lights and I didn't know it was ME she was after (ha). So I pulled over and started panicking.  She took my license, insurance card and registration and didn't tell me what I did wrong, and I was afraid to ask.  After she came back and told me my left break light was not working and further pointed out I need two new front tires (which I knew) but that was it.  Sure scared me because I haven't gotten a ticket in years.   It just seems interesting to me that I feel guilty when I see a police car behind me and I am not doing anything wrong. Kinda reminds me of how often I wrongly perceive God's grace and mercy at times.  I have a hard time accepting the sweet gifts that He wants to give to me and I feel so undeserving.  But it's true!  I don't deserve those blessings, but I need to learn how to graciously accept  them because He loves me so very much.  And then when the difficult things happen, I need to grasp those moments, embrace them, even though they hurt my heart and pull myself closer to Him.  It creates an image in my mind of how the Holy Spirit sometimes needs to pull us over to gently correct some things that need fixing in our lives. Just sayin.

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